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At KK Partners Group, we understand the needs of people in business and are committed to providing timely, accurate and professional service. Our aim is to achieve the best outcomes for business accounting, taxation and management requirements.

We strive to develop partnerships with our clients that allow us to gain a better understanding of their evolving needs and changing expectations.




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It's FBT time again
FBT time is well and truly upon us, with only a month to go until the due date for the lodgement of the return. With the due date so close, most businesses would be in the middle of preparing or even finalising their returns. For those that have put it off, there is still time to lodge, we can help you understand any FBT issues you may have to expedite the process.

Business cash payments are on the ATO's radar
Cash might be king, but the use of cash by businesses is attracting attention from the ATO. It will begin visits of selected businesses to ensure that all tax obligations are met. Third-party data and risk analysis is being used to identify the types of businesses the ATO will visit, which will not be limited to one particular industry this time around.


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